12 Bordering on Offended

Welcome to our 12th episode! ~Does a sweet backflip~ Let's see what we have on the docket . . .

In the news, we discuss one young feminist's plea to join the ranks at Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn Heights HQ, some predicatble Brooklyn promenade view drama, a rare and exciting Abbi Jacobson sighting, and surprising wildlife in the nabe.

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Our Yelp review of the week explores one man's unique qualms with local hookah joint, Mocha Hookah. All we can say is keep an eye on your metal straws, people. Also, maybe don't use metal straws.

In a special pop-quiz segment, I see if Joe has what it takes to be a local pre-schooler.

And finally, this week's Craigslist item of the week is moist and unusual.