13 Blabillions of Dollars

Hello and welcome to our 13th and most excellent episode. You're going to want to read about this week's hard-hitting investigative Yelp review of the week.

But first, the news! We're shocked to learn that Brooklyn Heights rents have been falling—but don't get your hopes up. Plus, a hip, new, bright yellow sculpture at Brooklyn Bridge Park is hip and new and bright yellow. Finally, I quiz Joe on which Friends character almost lived in the neighborhood. Hint: It wasn't Gunther. Fuck that guy.

Then there's the Yelp review of the week, which examines a series of one- and two-star reviews of the new Montague St. restaurant, Friend of the Farmer. Through a series of Yelp anecdotes, we learned that the chef got fed up and quit, the owner is now apparently cooking everything, and the staff is directionless. Plus, it's supposedly overpriced. And to think, we moved the ANCHOR for them.

Finally, our Craigslist item of the week discusses the indiscreet sale of undergarments to your neighbors.