14 A Known Hair Icon

Hello loyal HeightsCasters! We're back after a weeklong, pie-packed vacation.

.. and we've got hella news! This month, 50 years ago, our beloved 'hood was deemed New York City's first historic patch of land. Officials of the Landmark Preservation Commission called it "a neighborhood of rare charm and historic significance." And seconds after it uttered that sentence, the neighborhood was fully gentrified. In fact, historians can directly trace the opening of Crumbs on Montague St. to that day, 50 years ago. Anyway, it's definitely a good excuse to throw a fancy gala

And speaking of historical shit, we get a lesson on what a tea house is, and why the Landmark Preservation Commission is in a tizzy after one resident on the promenade wants to redo hers.

Meanwhile, the likely haunted Brooklyn Heights Cinema will slowly be transformed into a condo—the likely fate of literally every single person, animal, and object that chooses to reside in Brooklyn Heights.

In a rare Heights celeb sighting, I offer my EXCLUSIVE first hand account of seeing Kerry Russell on the sidewalk. Her hair was basically glowing.

And in this week's one-star Yelp review, we revisit the forlorn ratings page of Friend of the Farmer, a restaurant so unremarkable that I forgot I ate at it's Gramercy Park location. We also examine the record of new neighborhood ramen joint, Kogane, whose waiters have not yet recognized the marital problems that run rampant in our streets.

Finally, our Craigslist item of the week will give you something to whine about. And yes, that was a bad pun, thankyouverymuch.