16 Reclaimed Heartwood Pine Floors

Put down you're egg nogg and listen to this episode immediately. IT INCLUDES DISCUSSION ABOUT BABY GOATS.

But first, the news: the neighborhood will get a towering public library/private condo franken-building! The City Land Use Committee voted in favor of the project after much negotiating. Some say it's a good deal, others have called the councilmember who set up the deal a "sell-out." We're mostly excited to see what the Wi-Fi sitch is there.

Ok, now real talk: farm animals. A new indie pre-school, christened The Green School, will feature regular visits from Hamptons-imported baby goats, lambs, and pigs. They'll also teach kids about organic produce and soil-free farming. This is your chance to raise the next Alice Waters! And all at the affordable cost of $11,900 a year.

Also, Curbed got a tour of a condo unit at the infamous Brooklyn Bridge Park Pierehouse (you know, that thing in the way of our beautiful Manhattan skyline?). It features envious views of the city, and 600-year-old reclaimed heartwood pine floors, naturally.

And here's a photo of Sufjan Stevens near the docks.

Meanwhile, we keep our vigilant eye on the still very poorly-rated Friend of the Farmer. But some investigative reporting via Joe assures us that they have at least one fan.

Finally, our Craigslist item of the week leads us to speculate about the marital negotiations behind a hybrid piece of furniture for sale.