17 Fun Wobbly

Welcome to the inaugural 2016 edition of BK HeightsCast, an event only slightly more momentous than a double Dunham-Antonoff sighting at Iris Cafe.

In the news, we learn that the Squibb Park bridge has been closed for 16 months and, according to the New York Times, nobody really knows why! The Bridge Park Corporation has been so mum on answers, that it's forced Senator Daniel Squadron to offer a sternly worded warning. #SquadronGoals

Meanwhile, on Montague: MAC Cosmetics has closed, and will be replaced with an Aztec print poncho-selling boutique named Francesca's. And 128 Dumpling House has shuttered to make way for something called Pinto, which we believe to be an offshoot of a modern Thai restaurant in the West Village, but could also be a new-fangled religion.

You'll also be happy to hear that 2016 is full of Abbi sightings.

Our Yelp review of the week takes on the odd wait staff at Table 87, a place you should never say you like better than Dellarocco's unless you want us to freak the fuck out. BTW, Friend of the Farmer is still out there fucking with meals and getting one stars. Stay woke.

Finally, the Craigslist item of the week is, like boyfriends and underwear, not something you should shop for on Craigslist.