23 A Known Brooklyn Heights Resident

This week we're pleased to bring you a special celebrity-themed episode, featuring Brooklyn Heights resident and amateur paparazzo Liz Goodwin. Here, for instance, is a clue to a celeb she sighted in the nabe last week:

(Also hi local celebs. You're always welcome on the podcast.)

This week's news is all about the fun stuff coming to the Heights this summer. Most important of which is a [deep breath] CAT CAFE. Also of note are an outdoor climbing gym (meh), a boba tea joint (eh), and a new WeWork (bleh).

Our one-star Yelp review of the week explores an alleged fly infestation at Swallow Cafe.

And, this week's Craigslist item is proof that at least one person who resides here has attended SantaCon. Disturbing, we know.