7 Literally a Living Hell

Welcome to lucky episode no. 7. It's a good one.

In this week's neighborhood news: a woman gave birth at the Clark St. subway stop and—to her likely horror—lots of strangers filmed and photographed it.

In the always exciting real estate market, the Financial Times reports that Brooklyn Heights is set to add more than 774 new homes to the area. Most of them have already sold, but the remaining apartments are starting from $2.55m for a one-bedroom unit to $11.19m for a five-bedroom home. Depressing!

Also a friendly reminder that this weekend we'll be attending the local dog parade, and maybe getting my cat blessed.

In a special segment Brooklyn Patch reporter Simone Wilson discusses the controversial zoning proposal, that would redirect a significant number of Dumbo residents' children from Brooklyn Heights-based P.S. 8 to Vinegar Hill-based P.S. 307. Completely unrelated: anyone seen Show Me a Hero?

We stumble upon a bonafide villain in this week's one-star Yelp review of Lassen and Hennigs.

And finally, our Craigslist item of the week is expensive, useless, and hails from Copenhagen.