8 Gently-Rounded Humps

Sorry this week's episode is a day late. But hey, we have LIVES, OK? Also, Joe was sick.

In the news, Brooklyn Heights is gradually becoming a s l o w z o n e aka no-speed zone, thanks to some "gently-rounded humps" popping up on Hicks and Henry. The neighborhood is as hot a place to film semi-trashy TV dramas as ever, and some pigeons and fish were blessed at the Grace Church this past week.

We bring you a special report from this past weekend's BHA Dog Show. Long story short: the title was stolen from a soccer star named Rio, seen below.

The one-star Yelp review of the week explores one man's adventure with a mystery meat from Dellapietras.

And finally, a local Craigslist listing tells a story of an abandoned hobby and a trend that's sweeping the neighborhood/nation.