3 Put on Your Tin Foil Hat

This week in neighborhood news, we discuss the Brooklyn Historical Society's strategy to trick hot young singles into learning history, and the tale of two Brooklyn Heights homes: one that's literally falling apart, and another that's renting for a year's worth of college tuition . . . per month.

In a special segment, Joe delves into the fascinating local phenomenon known as "Open Thread Wednesday" on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. It turns out Heights residents know how to start a flame war as well as any YouTube commenter.

We also introduce a new segment, called Book Corner, just in time to celebrate Robert Furman's new book on the history of the neighborhood. Spoiler: it was just as much a hot spot for celebs back then as it is now.

This week's adjective-packed one-star Yelp review focuses on one man's elaborate take-down of Colonie, which he calls pompous and expensive. (Hey, he's not wrong about the last one).

And finally, our Craigslist Item of the Week is both very dangly and exorbitantly expensive.